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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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off the top at 11:00 winter storm creating chaos. power knocked out. stores shut down and roads closed. even the street that is are still open are covered in snow.
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this is montgomery county around norbeck road in rockvail. the biggest storm of the season. everything turning to wintry mix and that's why we're starting here. what's on the radar right now? >> freezing rain and rain in other spots. temperatures will warm overnight and we'll slowly see conditions improve and gettin reports of icy sidewalks and snow-covered roads tonight. here's the latest look of radar right now. the d.c. metro area tracking mainly rain showers. green is rain. the pink is freezing rain and potentially little bit of sleet mixing in so you can see an areas of frederick, loudon seeing the wintry mix. montgomery county arlington and washington mainly only rain right now. this is the storm system. we have a little bit more of rain and freezing rain to move through the area during the overnight hours. you can see areas like leesburg getting in on the freezing rain.
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wall of rain. here's the look at current temperatures. so washington above freezing right now. but then you have leesburg and frederick right at that freezing mark. you want to avoid travel overnight tonight. temperatures like i said will slowly warm overnight so what can you expect for the morning? coming up in just over ten minutes, i'll let you know what road conditions will be like and when the wintry mess comes to an end. for now, though out to darcy spencer live where the dangerous road conditions darcy when's the latest there? >> reporter: hi there. we're getting a little bit of that rain and freezing rain that you were just talking about out here in ghaithersburg. i can tell you that road crews made a lot of progress this evening. we are live along frederick avenue at shady grove road.
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one of the more heavyily traveled roadways. we are finally now seeing pavement but now here come as night fell crews once again tried to clear snow-covered roads and highways. their efforts hamped during the storm by heavy traffic. drivers got in accidents, spin-outs and got stuck. when 270, 495 and other major roadways. what do you think about the people out driving in these conditions? >> brave? stupid? i don't know necessarily which one is more the issue. >> reporter: this woman got stuck driving into a 7-eleven. two men gave her a push. >> we just saw she needed help and helped her out. >> reporter: two buses stuck in downtown rockville at the same spot. workers had to shovel them out. on 270 near germantown traffic snarled again. a truck lost the load of salt. this couple took a walk to find
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something to eat and found out many businesses closed because of the weather. >> we were actually surprised at how much isn't open but looking at the roads, we understand why. >> reporter: the state highway administration sent out a tweet late this evening urging drivers not to go out tomorrow morning unless they know for sure that the roads have been cleared and they suggested people take a look at the traffic cameras to make sure. some folks had a great idea to let someone else do the driving. zachary picks up that part of the story live in northwest. zach? >> reporter: that's right. just off of connecticut and porter northwest d.c. looking at connecticut here it is indicative of a lot of main arteries around town. it looks pretty good. we started upper northwest d.c. and then downtown. you might, you know see a lot more folks out tonight than you might expect. some of them are walking but some of them are out tonight off the strength of a good uber
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driver and a few good plows. some people just talk about the roads. others are out here trying to do something about it. jonathan soso is just one of the many cob tracted plows working around the clock. >> just slow down. stop trying to go across people. just take your time to get home safe. >> reporter: ice and slush have crippled parts of the area and despite recommendations to stay off the streets, sometimes you just need to learn for yourself. >> slipping and sliding. go very slowly and basically it was better to stay off the road. >> reporter: tonight, he's walking. for others riding seems to be a good option. this man is a uber driver. >> a service tocommunity. >> reporter: we ch out many of the main arteries and tonight jonathan says the focus will shift to thee streets. >> i got call right now to a property down here. i have to go see it right now. i just finished three more down
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there. >> reporter: now, d-dot set the goal to touch every street in the district tonight, although that's a very lofty goal. they also still encouraging folks to stay off the roads tonight if they can. reporting in northwest d.c. news 4. new at 1:00 it could be a long cold night for folks who lost power today. we have reports of power outages throughout our area. in virginia dominion says more than 5,000 of their customers are out. most of those are in fairfax county. just over 1,100 customers in the dark. maryland bg & e says more than 6,000 don't have power. petco in prince georges county and a handful of outages in d.c. and montgomery county. been a frustrating day for metro riders. second time in less than 24 hours smoke was reported in a station. this time foggy bottom. the problem caused some major delays because trains in both directions had to run an a
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single track. metro says a maintenance issue outside the station and caused the smoke. woodley park metro evacuated filled with smoke. we know a train malfunctioned in that case but there's still no word on what caused it. red line riders said they heard a small explosion and then smoke billowing around them. firefighters had to be called to the station but passengers got out safely. metro pulled the train out of service to be checked out. now to developments in the lyon sisters disappearance. unsealed police records named convicted sex offender and uncle as persons of interest and today our crews tried to find out more abou. >> hi patricia. >> no. we have no comment. no comment. >> we tried to speak with the welch family. "the washington post" obtained an affidavit says lloyd welch admitted he kidnapped the sisters in 1975. also says lloyd he witnessed his uncle richard sexually assaults
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one of the girls. both named persons of interest and not charged. look for updates on this story on and our app. you can download it for free in the app store. mother nature forced a lot of things to close but not this market. why vendors say it was so important to stay open. isis is threatening italy and the country refuses to back down. find out how rome mocking the terror group. and you'll see if a potential candidates agree if president obama do
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the president and the mayor can speak for themse. >> well that's wisconsin governor scott walker talking about rudy giuliani's recent comments. walker is leading presidential hopeful and he's in town with others for the annual governor's meeting. some republicans are speaking out about juligiuliani's recent comments and the former mayor is sticking by the words that president obama does not love america. kentucky senator rand paul said that was a mistake. louisiana governor bobby jindal said the gist of what giuliani said is true. but other leading republicans did not go as far as to agree with giu >> even the image problems of the republican party, the last thing the presidential candidates needs to do is to be debating whether the first african-american president loves his country. >> democrats are calling on all
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the republican hopefuls to rebuke giuliani for those statements. well apparently you cannot scare the romans. a twitter account linked to isis warned the group is on the way to italy with the #we are coming to rome. residents fired back tweeting pictures of the traffic saying it's too congested. you'll never make it. oerls told isis don't take the train because it's always . all jokes aside, the italian government does take this threat seriously. up next we'll hear why this nasty winter storm could finally come to an end. and how it may impact your monday morning.
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driving snow high winds, bitter cold. none of it could stop them from setting up in leesburg. putting up the tents was a challenge but they kept at it hoping customers would come by and cleared the sidewalks and were thankful for some of their regular customers who came to . >> we have a lot of regular customers. people see how dedicated we are and then maybe next year they'll see us when it snows. some people are packing up. you know? some people are sticking it out. >> boy, that's a work ethic. some of the vendors die-hards and stuck it out until the market closed at noon. so we saw the snow earlier. what are we looking at right now out there? >> right now, we are tracking freezing rain or rain across the area. and i have to say, you've seen it tonight. i've seen it. people tweeting us pictures. >> the ice.
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sheets of ice. >> it is incredible. somebody tweeting me a picture in arlington. i didn't have time to get it on air but check it out at my twitter page. looks like an ice rink. you want to be cautious tonight and early tomorrow morning. look at the pictures. the first one is from teresa in ashburn. you can see the light reflecting off of the ice. especially icy sidewalks and those less traveled roads. here's another one. this one in virginia. michael tweeted me this. in ashburn, virginia. so widespread treacherous conditions. it will slowly improve overnight but even early tomorrow morning we are still tracking slick spots in the area. of course chuck will have the latest conditions. her's the weather headlines. we are going to continue to see some isolated pockets of freezing rain until about 1:00 a.m. from here on out, the d.c. metro area southern maryland prince william county looking at mainly only rain as temperatures are near steady or slowly warm
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overnight. rain ends early tomorrow morning and showing you the timing on future weather and then as we look to the upcoming week it's dry but it is cold. your impact forecast for tomorrow because of the likelihood of slick spots throughout the day, especially on area sidewalks and secondary roads is going to have a moderate impact on your day but most if not all of your sunday is dry. the rain ends early in the morning. here's the forecasted road conditions. 6:00 a.m. still plenty of ice. avoid traveling at that point. by 9:00 a.m. the roads are improving. and between 9:00 a.m. and noon the main roads should be just fine at that point. here's storm team 4 radar. the green and blue is rain but here around warrenton, pink. freezing rain. freezing rain around frederick and then parts of carol county as well. with future weather, showing you the timing by 2:00 a.m. mainly all rain. by 5:00 a.m. montgomery county fairfax, prince georges county
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drying out. by 7:00 a.m. just about everybody dry and by 10:00 a.m. even southern maryland is dry. so a high temperature tomorrow of 39d. that's good news because there's going to be melting but it's still a cold day with only limited sunshine. on monday breezy. maybe a few flurries around. clouds will decrease. a high of only 26 when you factor in the winds, though it feels like temperatures are in the single digits and teens in e day. look at the average high. 50. nowhere near 50 for the upcoming week and maybe nor snow saturday. >> ouch. the district got a lot of snow but not enough to force poker players to fold. our own chief meteorologist doug played a few hands at the annual chance for life poker tournament. it's a charity event inspired by kennedy snyder. she's been battling spinal cancer since she was 2 years old. now she's 14 and wasn't surprised by the big turnout. it started about ten years ago and raised more than a million dollars for pediatric cancer
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research. it is certainly been a busy saturday at the verizon center the caps got going during the day and then tonight georgetown heats up the arena. keeps the
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well this is the time of year when the hoyas trying to position themselves for the tournament. >> absolutely. georgetown they're closing out the regular season very strong. the hoyas, they have certainly d after the loss earlier this month. that talented freshman class they have they're not playing
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like fresh men anymore. today, the upper class men that got the job done. fans not letting the little bad weather ruin a good party. i don't blame them. second half faction, this one a close game. and that's when smith rivera throws it up for bowen. they're up by 8. big-time jam by the senior. later on depaul still fighting the state and this game forest robinson 3-ball there. 17 off the bench. it's a 3-point game. how about this? strong move to the bast here. georgetown go on to beat depaul 68-63. they improve to 18-8 in the big east. to richmond. gw on the road visiting the spiders. second half. colonials down 8. here they come. kevin larson the big fellow with good position down low. throws that down.
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gq within 6. six minutes to play. a four-point game. savage had it going today. 18 points a team high for savage. richmond they were just too much on this day. the easiest two points jones will ever score. 56-48, richmond goes on to win it over gw. staying in virginia george mason playing host to rhode island today. first half action thompson making his presence felt. he had 15 points. the patriots lead it by 4. but in the second half it was the rams taking total control. terrell out to ec matthews. he makes a nice move to the rim. rhode island they top george mason, 71-56. one more score for you. vcu against umass, 68-72. down to florida now where the nationals are holding spring
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training. first day for workouts for pitchers and catchers. max scherzer the $210 million man working with his new teammates, plenty of talent for manager matt williams in that rotation. the skipper, he's coming off the first season as a big league manager. he was named national league manager of the year after leaving the nats second division title. today his club option picked up by the organization for the 2016 seas. >> i'm excited to be a part of the organization and the fact that it got picked up i've -- i'm honored to have that done and the organization is fantastic. they have supported all of us since the day i arrived here and they continue matt williams congratulations to him. position players report for the nationals this tuesday in florida. we go from baseball to
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hockey. the capitals they had their longest winning streak of the season after a victory today over the islanders. we talk so much about the stars having great seasons and they are. ovechkin backstrom tremendous. how about the play of holtby? top five in every category for goaltenders. holtby with a career high 29 wins this season. third period we're tied at 1-1. holtby comes up with a nice save here and it leads to a caps break. ahead to brooks leigt. 17th goal of the season for him. see the caps on top, 2-1. same score. under a minute to play. the islanders pull their goalie for the extra man and it pays off. ryan strome ties at 2-2. going to overtime and a shootout and the shootout not much
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action until evgeni. watch the move here. he beats chad johnson. score one for the caps. islanders, one last chance. holtby. that save wins the game. he had 30 in the game. the caps win, 3-2 in the shootout. their fourth s >> we talked about it. you know? we haven't got four wins before this season in a row and we got it going now. we want to try to heat up. it's a big part of the season right now. we will have a lot of division games. we want to win. >> gaining ground on the teams in front of us we have to win four five, six in a row because everyone's playing so good and the teams, too, stringing them together that's a big climb for us so we're very happy. the capitals on a roll right now. back at it tomorrow right here on nbc 4. they will take on the flyers in philadelphia. puck drops in that game at 12:30. they owe the flyers a butt whooping. >> yeah.
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looking forward to that one. what are we looking at tonight, tomorrow and the work week? >> mainly all rain by 1:00 a.m. isolated spots of freezing rain and slick out there early tomorrow morning. rain comes to an end by 7:00 a.m. and then after that it's cold with only limited sunshine. chris, we talked about this earlier. average high is 50. we're nowhere near that for the upcoming. >> 20 degrees below for most of the week.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> hey, welcome... welcome to "inside the nfl." i'm greg gumbel, the human microphone. with just a week to go before super bowl xlix, the nfl is facing yet another scandal. and this time, it actually has something to do with football.


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